Nate, the Great!

Nate was born at 23weeks ad 6 days, he is our miracle baby. He has had services from the day we brought him home. We worked with county and private sector providers, but the Scottish Rite has definitely had the most impact on Nate. He has grown leaps and bounds because of this program. Before we started sessions with the Scottish Rite Center in November 2015 at age 8, Nate’s language only made sense to those of us that he had frequent interaction with. He would talk backwards at times, saying things like, “Dinner eat time”. Nate knew what he wanted to say, but had trouble speaking it out loud.

The Fast ForWord programs and Interactive Metronome have allowed our son to develop his cognitive, speech, and comprehension skills. Nate looked forward to completing each module. It gave him a sense of accomplishment and allowed him to not only have fun but to learn at the same time.

At 10-1/2 years of age, Nate now speaks with confidence, he thinks about what he wants to say, and then finds the words to express his feelings. Nate’s reading comprehension has also improved tremendously and he is able to problem solve using all the skills gained from the Fast ForWord programs. Increasing multiple skills has also improved Nate’s social life. While he was relatively isolated before, many children at school now seek him out – he’s one of the most popular kids at his school!

Being parents of a special needs child is challenging, but partnering with the Scottish Rite eased some of those challenges. The Scottish Rite was and is a godsend to any family that finds them. We are forever indebted to this program and its amazing staff who work tirelessly to provide exemplary services to these kids. Please continue to do this work within our communities, it is so needed.

THANK YOU!! Simone F., mother of Nate, 10-1/2

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