Camden's Story

Camden is a 7-year-old boy who was referred to our clinic with concerns about delayed reading that had not improved with traditional methods. His reading difficulties had also produced a lot of anxiety about school performance. We took a four-pronged approach to helping Camden. First, Camden was referred out to the UC Berkeley Binocular Vision Clinic to assess whether he had visual tracking problems. It turned out he had severe difficulties with tracking words on the page and spatial planning. The UC Berkeley clinic prescribed vision training for Camden.

Second, to address his anxiety around learning, we recommended The Listening Program, which improves spatial awareness and sensory regulation.

Third, since we had no enrollment spaces in our Interactive Metronome program when Camden came to us, his mother contracted an outside Interactive Metronome provider. He completed that program over the summer.

Fourth, with summer over and some fundamental needs already addressed, Camden began the Fast ForWord program, designed specifically to help with reading delays. Camden had completed only half of the Fast ForWord program when his mother wrote us the following testimonial.

“Thank you for providing the help your center has given Camden. I definitely feel that Interactive Metronome and Fast ForWord helped him, along with the separate Lindamood Bell program. I think that combination was very effective for him. I never would have done Interactive Metronome without talking to you and hearing of your positive experience.

It has also been very encouraging to me on a personal level to have your support available for his reading when the school really didn't have specific interventions to address his difficulties with decoding and visual tracking and processing speed. They [the school] treated his situation the same as kids who simply hadn't been exposed to enough reading, as though a little more practice would solve the problem.

Given how very much outside work it has taken for Camden to reach the point of being able to track text, decode words, commit words to visual memory, recognize their orthography and become a reader, I am frankly relieved he has gotten to this point. I wasn't sure he ever would and I believe the timely and intensive programs made all the difference in the world for him. Thanks for all of the knowledgeable help from the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center!” Alana, mother of Camden

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