No More Translation for DJ!

No More Translation for DJ!

I want to start by saying, “Thank you,” to Pam Norton and Nan Busse for all the expert support they have given my child, Darcel (DJ) since he was he was 2 years and 9 months. His speech and language comprehension and expression difficulties affected every area of his life. His speech and language sounded like he was from another planet. I would have to translate most of what he was talking about for an average person to understand him, so he was reluctant to talk with anyone without me being there to help. My son would be on the phone with his grandparents telling them all kinds of things, but most of his words would come out in jibber jabber. At school he would not talk or interact with other children because they couldn’t understand him, so most of the time he would play alone. He would shut down when his teachers or peers would try to communicate with him because he also could not understand what they were saying. The directors of his preschool were concerned about his language and social development and they told us about the Oakland RiteCare Childhood Language Center. It took no time for him to be admitted to the program.

My son worked in one-on-one speech and language sessions and did Fast ForWord with Pam, which he loved, and participated in the Interactive Metronome with Nan. Once Darcel started receiving speech and language therapy and getting the support he needed, I slowly started to see his speech and language come out clearly. It was suggested that we make changes about how to communicate with him, like speaking more slowly or in shorter sentences, so he could understand the questions being asked, and guide him in how to answer questions. Working with Nan in the Interactive Metronome program helped with his coordination and pacing himself, which helped him connect better with his own body and with others.

Today at age 5, DJ has changed in so many ways. His speech is clear. Everyone understands him. He plays actively with his friends and he is socially engaged, for example, saying hi to a peer and telling him how he likes his Star Wars shirt. He is so much more expressive with language, telling me what does and doesn’t like or want to do. We are still working on his listening and responding skills but he has made progress in that area as well. He is less shy and he doesn’t need me to translate for him.

I always tell my family members they need to research the RiteCare Center because they are not pleased with their school district’s speech classes or teachers. They also just see how much improvement Darcel has made over the years. So again, I just want to say thank you to them the clinicians for their expert therapy and what they have achieved with Darcel.

Kenesha, mother of DJ

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