Mason Contributions Help Colette on Her Path

Colette is a 12-year-old girl with mild hearing loss and learning challenges. When she first started at Oakland RiteCare Childhood Language Center about two years ago, she could hardly read and her conversation was very unstructured. Her stuttering made things more difficult and her lack of focus added another layer of challenge to her learning. Today, I can say that her transformation is almost a miracle. She is not only reading more fluently, but also her reading comprehension skills have improved considerably.

The Listening Program helped Colette to keep her focus and also to become more structured in her thoughts. Her conversation started making more sense and she started to work for longer periods of time with few distractions. She loved this program and started asking for it every day.

The Fast ForWord program was essential for Colette’s main improvements. Her academic growth was impressive. Her word recognition and reading improved about three levels and her conversation continued to become more fluent and structured.

The Interactive Metronome Program gave Colette a sense of physical awareness, balance, and body fitness. Before this program, she had balance problems and had fallen recently on a field trip, chipping a front tooth. She went from adapted PE at school to regular PE.

Even though Colette has an Individualized Education Program and receives services through Special Education at her school, I truly believe that the help she has received at the Oakland RiteCare Childhood Language Center has been crucial for her improvements. Now, she is more self-confident, has learned to advocate for herself, and her academic improvements are remarkable. She still has a long way to go, but I think we are now, thanks to the RiteCare Center, on the correct path.

I would like to give a well-deserved credit for Colette’s achievements to the very dedicated, professional, and nurturing language and educational specialists Pam Norton and Nan Busse. Their warm approach to Colette’s needs has been most impressive. I hope the RiteCare Center will remain available for families that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford these services.

We wish all the personnel at Oakland RiteCare Childhood Language Center all the best and we hope they keep serving the community for many more years.


Patricia, Harold and Colette

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