Jordan's Reading Evolution

Last year, my grandson Jordan was in the third grade and had not yet learned to read. He had many strengths, but testing showed he had a severe learning difference in reading. By the time he was referred to the Oakland RiteCare Childhood Language Center, his teachers were very concerned because he was increasingly falling behind, self-conscious about his performance, and often seemed disengaged in classroom activities.

One of the first things we noticed at the Center was how straightforward the staff was in speaking with Jordan and listening to his responses. He felt comfortable right away. They started him on a program of kinetic ear-body coordination (rhythm) exercises called Interactive Metronome®. Then he began the FastForword® program for reading development, which he did daily, at the Center and at home. It was enough like a video game that Jordan easily understood the interface and went at it with gusto. The staff paid attention to his individual needs, and also provided small-group language/learning therapy for five months.

Jordan gained traction with his reading skills, moving from pre-K to first-grade reading level by the spring. But he needed to be ready to go to fourth grade in the fall! The staff taught our family the Rime Magic® program and this helped zoom him into another level. Jordan also worked on the processing program The Listening Program® as Pam recommended, and Jordan listened to acoustically modified classical music for 5 months. By the end of the school year, his teachers reported that he had become more engaged, confident, and even affectionate.

It was suggested that we read at least 100 books together over the summer of 2015. So far we've read many more than 100 books! At this point Jordan has opted to read from the fourth-grade selection. With support, he can plow through. This jump in his skills is amazing, and just in the nick of time, as school starts next week.*

Obviously, these interventions have required many hours of work with Jordan at home and at the Center, but it has really paid off. Without the Center, we were lost and would have gotten nowhere. We are so grateful and pleased with all that the Center staff has done for Jordan!


Grandmother of Jordan, 4th grader

* To watch Jordan reading on 9/2/15, please click this link:


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