Dear Oakland RiteCare Center

My two daughters Jayel, age 7, and Anaya, age 8 were accepted into your program back in August of 2014. At the time I applied for the Oakland Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center’s programs, I was having such a hard time trying to teach two children in the 2nd and 3rd grades how to read essential words that are key to being able to do any homework assignment in school or to function in life.

They have been part of your program now for the past 9 months, beginning with Interactive Metronome with Nan Busse, and continuing with the Fast ForWord reading programs with Negin Ghazizadeh and Pam Norton, and I can see so much progress. I am very proud of the huge accomplishments that my girls have achieved as being part of your incredible programs.

When a parent and the teachers of two children, one with a major learning problem such as dyslexia, and another with developmental delays, see them progressing, this is a true breakthrough. However, when my children came to me the other day and said, “Mommy I can read chapter books in class now all by myself,” it is absolutely heartwarming to be able to give my girls great big hugs and tell them how proud I am of them.

When they started this program, I was frustrated and running out of options of where to turn to for their trouble with reading. A teacher told me about the program and pushed me to apply. It was the best decision I ever made for the girls’ future. I cannot express how absolutely grateful our family is to be able to work with the fantastic people and the generous free services that have been provided to help my girls achieve success.

Tiffany, mother of Jayel and Anaya

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