Carter's Moving Forward

Carter came to Oakland Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center during the summer between first and second grade. He had struggled through kindergarten with early reading and writing, and his challenges in first grade and despite help from a resource specialist, Carter faced being retained in first grade.

Carter worked for eight weeks on Interactive Metronome program with Nan Busse. Within two weeks, he showed signs of improved coordination and began to challenge himself more physically. Tossing, throwing, kicking a ball, and playing Frisbee became enjoyable activities. With more finely coordinated upper and lower body movements, he swam underwater for the first time! By the end of Interactive Metronome he was feeling much more confident about himself and his abilities.

Carter completed four Fast ForWord language and reading programs for nine months. By the end of the summer before second grade, the resource specialist found Carter was at grade level, ready to progress into second grade!

Carter is presently 8 years and four months old. At his third grade parent teacher conference last week, his teacher and resource specialist praised Carter's effort, motivation, and positive attitude, saying that he demonstrates tremendous mental focus for learning new material. At his recent Binocular Vision Assessment, his auditory memory sequencing, challenged during Fast ForWord, tested at 9 years 10 months.

Carter now communicates clearly and is learning to work at his own pace. He loves books and enjoys an active social life. He is a voracious audiobook reader and has listened to the entire Harry Potter and Golden Compass book series. Our entire family is grateful to the Oakland Scottish Rite for opening the doors to learning for Carter.

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