Application for Services


The Oakland RiteCare® Childhood Language Center provides traditional evaluation and treatment of children and adolescents with speech, language, and learning delays. We also provide non-traditional innovative, state-of-the-art, neuroplasticity-based interventions, including Interactive Metronome©, and The Listening Program©. Our method is to use several methods as appropriate to best facilitate your child’s growth. While we can provide evaluations to demonstrate progress, most clients can receive evaluations through public schools, regardless of whether or not they are enrolled in a public school. 

Eligibility - Which children do we serve? (Oakland Center)

  • Age 3 to 21 years old

  • primary diagnosis of a speech, language, and/or reading disorder

  • mild to moderate deficits only 

  • complete or up-to-date vaccination requirements with proof of immunization records

  • We do not serve children with diagnosis of the following: 

    • primary diagnosis of Autism

    • behavioral problems

    • global developmental or cognitive delays who are better served through contexutalized services

    • Severe or profound deficits of speech, language, or reading

For more information please read our


There are three stages for the application process.
Please make sure to read about our eligibility criteria before proceeding to step one.



Complete a phone intake interview.

If the Admin. determines that our program seems appropriate for your child’s needs, continue with the next step. 




Complete required documents. 
The application form and other forms will be sent to you following your appointment. 







Make an appointment for a phone intake session by calling our Administrative Assistant at

(510) 839-1513


Please note that we will ask for a copy of your child's recent IEP, or any relevant reports to be emailed or fax to us prior to your phone appointment.